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Local Tax Bureau, Hsinchu County

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1. Tax Organization and System of R.O.C. Local Tax Bureau, Hsinchu County
     1.1 Tax Organization
     1.2 Tax System
2. About us
     2.1 Organization Allocation
     2.2 Telephone
     2.3 Location
     2.4 Administrative Goals
     2.5 The White Book of Civil Service
3. Service for the public
     3.1 Service Items for Immediate service at the multiple-function counter
     3.2 Quick Issuance of Simplified Non-increment Bills of Land Value Increment Tax
     3.3 Public Service White paper
4. Tax information
     4.1 Table for Calculation of Overdue Days of Local Tax Payment
     4.2 Division of Authorities and Responsibilities for Collection of National Taxes and
      Local Taxes
     4.3 Table of Time Limits for Collection of Local Taxes
5. Taxation
     5.1 Land Value Tax
     5.2 Land Value Increment Tax
     5.3 House Tax
     5.4 Deed Tax
     5.5 Vehicle License Tax
     5.6 Agricultural Land Tax
     5.7 Stamp Tax
     5.8 Amusement Tax
     5.9 Administrative Remedy
     5.10 Tax Law Violations & Punishment
6. Notice for case application
     6.1 Table of Time Limits for Handling Applications
     6.2 Documents Required & Instructions for Local Tax Applications
     6.3 Documents Required for Applications at the Multifunction Counter
     6.4 Pay attention to the application procedure and deadline for local taxation
       administration relief
     6.5 Appellation of the creditor to investigate into the Debtor s property and income
7. Vocabulary
     7.1 Land Tax
     7.2 House Tax
     7.3 Deed Tax
     7.4 Stamp Tax
     7.5 Vehicle License Tax
     7.6 Amusement Tax
     7.7 Others
8. Related Laws
10. Application Form
     10.1 Hsinchu County Revenue Service OfficeTable of Applications by Taxpayers and
     the Deadline for Handling
     10.2 Stamp Tax
     10.3 Amusement Tax
     10.4 Land Value Tax
     10.5 Land Value Increment Tax
     10.6 House Tax
     10.7 Deed Tax
     10.8 License Tax
     10.9 Others
11. Procedure Chart
12. Site Link
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Jhubei Headquarter Address:6, Guanming 6th Road, Chupei, 30211 [Headquarter Map].Phone No:(03)5518141    Toll-free Telephone:0800-366969
Jhudong Division Address:71, Chiling Road, Jhudong, 31044   [Map].Phone No:(03)5969663    Toll-free Telephone:0800-366100
Office Hours:Our Service Time Office Hours: from Monday through Friday 8:00-12:00 a.m., 1:00-5:00 p.m. (General Service Counter: Am8:00~PM5:00 )
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